PEW Jaw Crusher

The bearing seat adopts whole steel structure in order to avoid unnecessary burden that two type bearing chamber brings for body frame and enhance the stability of the whole structure. In addition, the heavy eccentric shaft forging processing makes PEW series jaw crusher has superior reliability.


  • Stable structure and reliable performance
  • PEW jaw crusher is known as the European version jaw crusher
  • Wedge device and quick adjustment
  • Motor drives belt and pulley so that the eccentric shaft makes the movable jaw swing back and forth, up and down.


when the movable jaw pushes the movable jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate movement, material is crushed. When the movable jaw and movable jaw plate back under the action of the eccentric shaft and the spring, material that has previously been crushed is discharged from the lower discharge gate.

With the continuous rotation of the motor and the crusher jaw periodically crush and discharge material, it realizes batch production.